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Our bands are currently full but if you would like to be in a band please contact us or come and meet us down at the next Rock House event.

The Rock House


Creative Music Production

Shut Up and Listen DJs run creative music production projects where you can learn to use technology to make music.

The next project is starting in September 2013 and we are looking for 10 young people with a learning disability who would like to work with our experience learning disabled DJs to create their own music! If you want to find out more I Can DJ 2013 please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .i can dj 2013 flyer

Last year, DJ Monkey Boy and DJ Ivon ran a ten week digital project for young learning disabled women which is called 'I Can DJ 2'.  Click on the link below to find out more.                     

I Can DJ 2

Schools Outreach

Our bands and our DJs both lead music making projects in schools.

Whether it is a one-day song writing workshop, 6 weeks learning to use state of the art accessible music technology or even just to fill your hall with a Blue Camel Club party, then we have a project to suit your school's needs!

You can find out about projects we have run in schools in the past by clicking on the link below. To find out more or to book a project please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Past Schools Projects

Previous Projects

I Can DJ 2!

Over ten weeks between September and November 2012, DJ Ivon (Robbie) and DJ Monkey Boy (Chris) tutored a group of 9 young women with a learning disability to learn to use music technology to create their own music. On the final week, we held a party for parents and carers to come and see all the work that had been created on the project. Here is the music that was created on I Can DJ 2!

If you like the tracks, you can buy them by visiting The Shop

Carousel are planning to run another Creative Music Production course in September 2013. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in getting involved

Be A DJ!

Between April and July 2011 Carousel ran their first Digital Music project. A total of 11 learning disabled DJs participated on the project and learnt to use Ableton Live! software to create original music and remixes.

The graduating DJs have since performed at events including the Blue Camel Club and have started to deliver Digital Music outreach projects in local schools. The first of these projects happened in March 2012 when the DJs worked with pupils from Northbrook College to create a digital performance that included original music, live sampling, personalised VJ projections and live singing.


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Oska Bright Digital Space

Between August and October Shut Up and Listen DJs played live to the world on the Oska Bright Digital Space.

If you missed the live performances, don't worry! You can catch them again by listening or downloading the podcasts.


Visit the Oska Bright Digital Space to find out more about what they have been up to and to watch some exciting films!

Create This!

Create This! was the name given to two parallel groundbreaking courses in training young people with learning disabilities. The first learning disabled-led training of its kind, the disability arts organization Carousel supported its rock band Beat Express and the dancers from High Spin to deliver year long OCN-accredited courses in music and dance. The courses ran from 2007 to 2010, by which time a large number of musicians and dancers were supported by Carousel. This page is here to all who wish to look back over what has been accomplished by the musicians within three years.

The idea for Create This! happened as a result of all the outreach projects run by Beat Express in schools and colleges for people with learning disabilities around East and West Sussex. Because the outreach projects produced work of great quality, Beat Express and Carousel imagined what could be accomplished if they had a whole year to work and train young musicians with learning disabilities.

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Previous Schools Outreach

Since 2006 Beat Express have been leading songwriting workshops with pupils in local schools. With the bands help, a small group of pupils will create an orginal song which they then rehearse with Beat Express and perform for the rest of their school. The performance is usually followed by a Beat Express gig.

It is a hugely rewarding and empowering experience for young people with a learning disability to be tutored some of the leading lights of the learning disabled music scene.

In 2012, our DJs ran the first digital music outreach project. Following a similar approach as the Beat Express workshops, the DJs ensured that the project used music technology in an accesible and versatile way, which helped all members of the group to engage.

Click on the link below to read what people have said about our previous Schools Outreach workshops

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