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The Shut up and Listen Radio Show

A monthly show of music made by artists with a learning disability

Produced in Brighton, UK by Carousel

SEG luc and Francis mar2012

 July 2013               

The Shut Up and Listen crew live from the Radio Room of Brighton's Blue Camel Club night for people with a learning disability. This show features music and interviews with The Revs, Ryan O'Donovan, Sabien Gator, DJ Beckster and the Carousel Singers.




97.2 fm (in Brighton only)
Online at

97.4fm in Canterbury

Or listen online at:
Thursday 6-7pm and Sunday 8-9pm

Able Radio is an online radio station
presenting shows at the heart of the disabled community

Listen Online at:

Every Sunday at 6pm

Monthly on Mondays at 102.5fm in Totnes

Or listen online at: 

LDOK net - Final Logo

The UK's first 24-hour radio station broadcasting
shows made by DJs with learning disabilities

Listen online at:

You can hear Shut up and Listen every morning and evening
Mondays at 10, Tuesdays at 9, Fridays at 5 and Saturdays at 7



Shut up and Listen Radio Road Show

The presenters and DJs from the Shut Up and Listen radio show also take the show on the road

So far they have hosted, presented, interviewed and DJd at events including:

Clubs and gigs like the Blue Camel Club and the Wild Things vol.3 Album Launch

Conferences and Festivals like Conquering Public Spaces conference in Prague and the Arts For Living conference in Ireland.

Events, like the Learning Disability today exhibition

       Ryan and JJ at Radio Roadshow